Praise Yoshida: The PlayStation 4 is finally getting external hard drive support


Up to 8TB

So uh, this is a pretty huge development. The Xbox One and Wii U both support external hard drive options, but if you want to upgrade your space on PS4 — you have to install your own interal hard drive manually. It’s cumbersome for non-tech people and kind of scary in the sense that you might mess something up, but System Update 4.50 is going to allow plug and play externals.

It’s in its beta program today (and coming at a later date for everyone else under the codename Sasuke), but you can now use a USB 3.0 HDD to get up to 8TB of extra space, which is huge. Other enhancements include custom wallpapers, a better quick menu and notification list, activity feeds, and 3D Blu-Rays on PSVR support.

Along with the inability to change your PSN name or appear offline, a lack of external hard drive support was one of my biggest pet peeves with the PS4. But now they have the latter two on lock due to recent changes. Good on Sony for making real advancements this generation with firmware, as opposed to all the useless near-weekly updates on PS3.

With some games reaching upward of 100GB+ with patches and DLC, this is going to make a lot of people happy. Sure it won’t run as fast as an internal SSD, but it’s going to be just fine for most games.

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