Pre-order Resident Evil Origins Collection to unlock new costumes in-game


Stupid sexy Billy

Resident Evil Origins Collection isn’t out until next year, but purchasing it before its January 19 release date adds a bit of eye candy into the mix. Pre-ordering the HD collection now will unlock new costumes for Resident Evil 0‘s Billy and Rebecca. Both costumes are throwbacks to Capcom classics like Street Fighter and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

Rebecca’s practical nurse outfit fits right in to the gritty and injury filled world of Resident Evil, but Billy’s prisoner costume is a little much. Like, I get it; sexy costumes bring in pre-orders, but seriously? Do we really need to see every outline of his pecs in that thing? I don’t need distracting, form-fitting onsies in my game. Is a little realism too much to ask for?

Preorder Resident Evil Origins Collection, play dress-up [Capcom]