Prepare for pain, Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ gets a release date and trailer


Back to the basement

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into the Binding of Isaac and it seems like that chance will soon be here. An update on the Binding of Isaac blog confirms that the next expansion, Afterbirth+, will be released on Steam on January 3. Console players will have to wait until spring 2017 to get be trampled and abused by the new expansion. A new trailer sets the tone perfectly. Yikes.

Afterbirth+ looks absolutely amazing/terrifying. With 67 new items, yet another level (remember when the original BoI ended with the mom fight?), and hundreds of new (no doubt devilish) rooms, there is a lot to look forward to/anticipate with dread fear. The expansion prices out at $9.99, but players who already own Afterbirth will be able to scoop it up at the devil’s price for the first week, a cool $6.66.