Prepare to square off with Sakura Wars' demonic adversaries


Mech warfare finally on the horizon

It’s been a very long wait for western fans, a wait filled with music videos, stage play announcements, and movie trailers. But the wait is almost over as Sega prepares to release the soft reboot of action-RPG series Sakura Wars on North American and European shores.

Sega has released a new trailer which takes the spotlight off the charismatic crew of the Imperial Combat Revue and instead shines it on the villains of the piece – the “demons” that threaten our heroes’ city. Here, we are introduced to two particular ne’er-do-wells: the cruel, sadistic Oboro, and the beautiful-but-sinister Yaksha, both of whom are preparing to engage Sakura and her friends in explosive combat.

It seems like forever and a day since Sega first announced that then-titled “Project Sakura Wars” was in pre-production stages. Finally released in Japan back in December 2019, Sakura Wars has since received its first update, fine-tuning its controls and combat. Hopefully, this means western fans will have the best experience possible when the game releases later this month

Sakura Wars launches exclusively on PS4 April 28.