Pretty much the entire Destiny 2 community has turned on the 'sunsetting content' strategy


But it’s probably going to happen anyway

Destiny, as a franchise, may as well be called “The Monkey’s Paw: The Game.”

Having followed the development of the franchise since the alpha, I can attest to rocky decision after rocky decision from Bungie.I originally came away from the vanilla version of Destiny thinking that Bungie had no idea how to run a live service game long term, and nearly seven years since the launch of the original, I’m still of that mindset.

Look no further than the recent sunsetting controversy; which is still going on based on the original concept of “sunsetting” old Destiny 2content and gear. While the content removal garnered a mixed reaction (some were fine with it, if it means less file size and backend bloat), the removal of gear has gotten a near-unanimous negative response.

As this detailed Reddit post points out, pretty much everyone is on a united front here, including the subreddit itself, as well as a large swath of content creators. Even the forum is united for the first time since the Eververse (a lore-based excuse for microtransactions) got out of control. What changed? Well it came to light that players would have to re-grind to replace gear they already had: an issue ever-present in Destinyhistory.

As a long-time Destiny player, to me, Destiny 2has been moving in a significantly worse direction since Bungie jettisoned from Activision. Content has gotten thinner, more microtransactions have been added, and there are more short term “Destiny 1” design decisions being made. The community has always occasionally turned on the game, but this time it feels a little different. It’s very rare to see almost everyone united like this.

Will we get a classic “we’re listening” from the team? Or something else entirely this time?

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