Pretty NieR: Automata dolls cost a pretty penny indeed


Pre-orders opening for the five richest Kings of Europe

A few weeks back, we posted pictures of two finely-crafted dolls of hero-bots 2B and 9S, from Platinum Games’ dystopian hack ‘n’ slash title NieR: Automata. The dolls will be made available to pre-order from creators Volks this month, you just need to sell your car to purchase them.

From October 20, die-hard fans can pre-order Dolfie Dream Dynamite 2B, sculpted by Misaka Seriki. 2B comes with an original head, a new wig, a DDdy base (for all you doll-lingo enthusiasts) and semi-white skin. Dynamite 2B costs around ¥88,000, which is roughly $750, not including shipping or any potential customs charges… huh.

2B’s friend-to-the-end 9S will also be made available for pre-order the same day, and costs a much more reasonable ¥78,000, or $690. Pre-orders for both dolls close on December 2. I’ll take ten.

Ok, I’m being glib. To be fair, I have encountered Volks dolls in person and they are stunning. Delicately crafted, beautifully coloured and expertly tailored, even with those strangely-layered eyes that pierce your soul. I’m of no doubt these are market prices for such items, but it’s a shame the tag will lock many fans out, as they would look marvelous on anyone’s mantelpiece. I guess some things just aren’t 2B.

You can pre-order Volks’ NieR: Automata dolls right here from October 20 until December 2.