Prey speedrunner sets sub-seven minute world record


Yu fast, Yu furious

Arkane Studio’s Prey is a sci-fi masterpiece. It’s an open-ended game that encourages player expression through intricate systems supported by countless little details that create a sense of life aboard a floating space station. Throughout Prey‘s main campaign, there’s no shortage of exciting gameplay to experience and memorable sights worth seeing.

Of course, you could just blow through the game in under seven minutes like speedrunner seekerTV.

When we last highlighted the state of Prey speedruns, players were completing the game in ten minutes just a week after it released. Just over a month later, seekerTV set a new world record with the stupid fast time of 6:59.50.

SeekerTV’s run is a trip. In less than a minute, he guides Yu from the starting “apartment” into the lower floors of Talos 1. Armed with the Gloo Cannon, seekerTV climbs and clips through the map with ease, bypassing enemies and entire questlines. What’s most interesting, to me at least, is how effective the Gloo Cannon is at breaking the game. In a speedrunner’s hands, it’s not only the first tool Prey gives players, but also the means by which the game comes undone. You can scale walls with little effort, reaching areas that no one should ever have access to.

I can’t fathom the Prey world record time getting much faster than seekerTV’s current time, but speedrunners always seem to find a way to shave off a few seconds.