Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box HD is now available for mobile devices


That reminds me of a puzzle…

Late last year, Level-5 announced that it would be porting the second Layton game, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, to mobile phones in Japan. Much like how the first title made its way west, Diabolical Boxis now available in the US on the Google Play and App Stores. Going for $9.99, this version includes HD renders of all the sprites and upscaled FMVs for the story segments.

While not including any new additions, this is still a worthy game to add to your collection. Pretty much all of the Layton titles are good with only the final entry being a little lackluster. I’m not sure why these aren’t also getting ported to Switch, but using your phone in portrait mode would perfectly replicate the DS’s screen layout. That has to be worth something.

Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box HD Gets A Worldwide Release [Siliconera]