Project Sakura Wars announced for PS4, western release confirmed for 2020


Return to the theater of conflict

Sega has announced Shin Sakura Teisen / Project Sakura Wars for PS4. The latest entry in the Japanese action adventure franchise is currently in development and expected to release in Japan by the end of the year, with a western localisation to follow in spring of next year.

Set in an alternate universe version of 1940’s Imperial Tokyo, Project Sakura Wars will pick up 12 years after the events of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. Players will experience the story of protagonist Seijuurou Kamiyama, a young special service naval captain who is tasked with rebuilding the fallen Imperial Combat Revue.

Project Sakura Wars will divide its gameplay between role-playing adventure on the streets of Ginza, where players will meet, interact and attempt to build professional and personal relationships with a wide cast of characters, and intense fights on the battlefield, featuring individually skilled and tailored “Spiricle Armors” (mechs to you and me).

Sega are promising high-quality anime sequences, a selection of mini-games, a smart dialogue system and eye-catching 3D character models and locales. If you want to see more of Project Sakura Wars’ cast and setting, then check out the trailer below, the announcement article in Famitsu and the official Japanese and English websites. More information about this neat-looking title will be forthcoming next week.

Project Sakura Wars is currently in development for PS4.