Project Sakura Wars introduces Claris with Disney-lite ditty


Hello, Claris

Sega continues to roll out character songs for the female cast of its upcoming strategy RPG Project Sakura Wars. Following on from some of the bombastic songs past, this week sees a much more relaxed sing-song showcasing the charming and bashful Claris.

Starting out in the vein of an old-school Disney princess ballad, “Rinbu” builds to a light crescendo with more than just a pinch of Irish flavour to its melody. As with all previous Project Sakura Wars songs, Rinbu is sung by the respective character’s voice actor, in this case the talented Saori Hayami. Claris herself spends most of the video blushing and looking wistful, but we do get to see her rocking a cool mech in the closing moments.

Project Sakura Wars launches on PS4 in Japan December 12, before heading west in 2020. A demo is coming to Japanese PSN on November 21.

Project Sakura Wars Claris character song music video [Gematsu]