Protodroid DeLTA, a Mega Man X inspired platformer, hits Kickstarter


‘The goal of the project is to successfully translate the fast & fluid 2D gameplay of the X series into 3D’

I’m a simple man: I hear the phrase “Mega Man” and I come running.

While scores of developers have followed in the footsteps of the retro “classic” Mega Manseries with fan projects and 2D platformers, here comes a game that seeks to replicate the world of Mega Man X.

The project, which just hit Kickstarter this week, is calledProtodroid DeLTA. Described as a “3D action-platformer,” it’s goal is to “successfully translate the fast & fluid 2D gameplay of the X series into 3D.” Based on the footage and character designs so far I’d say that it’s on the right track, and then some.

What’s amazing is that the lion’s share of this project is being done by a solo dev (with contractors for voice work, 3D models, musicians and 2D illustrators) and family man namedAdam Kareem. Kareem’s past projects include fan games like Sonic Explorers, Mega Man Legends 1.5and Mega Man X & Zero: Training Missions, as well as and original work called Tuff Stuff, which is inspired by Ape Escape. Kareem callsProtodroid DeLTA a passion project, and it shows.

Right now the project is seeking a modest $20,000 (game dev is expensive!) and has over a month to go. If everything goes according to plan,Protodroid DeLTA will arrive in November of 2021, and the lowest tier that grants a copy of the game is $15. If you don’t want to pledge, you can also wishlist the game on Steam.

Protodroid DeLTA [Kickstarter]