PS4 gets official price drop in USA and Canada


Just in time for Christmas!

Today, Sony announced a permanent price cut for the PlayStation 4 in the United States and Canada. The system will be available for $349 USD in the US and $429 CAD in Canada, and will apply to all the upcomingholiday bundles. Don’t go rush out and buy a PS4 today, though — the change takes place tomorrow to go with the launch of the Nathan Drake Collection bundle.

Earlier in the week, Target leaked the price drop on its website, advertising the Unchartedbundle for the new, lower price. The Uncharted bundle isn’t the only bundle affected by the change; the Star Wars Battlefrontbundle is down to $349 as well, the Disney Infinity 3.0 bundle is now at $399, and the Black Ops III and Star Wars Limited Edition(the Darth Vader one with the digital Star Wars games) bundles have both been dropped to $429.

This change seems random — the Uncharted, Battlefront, and Disney Infinitybundles have all been discounted by $50, but the Call of Dutyand Darth Vader-Lookin’PS4s are down a mere $20. It’s not even that they’re special consoles or that a third party has touched them; the Infinitybundle has the same Vader-themed PS4 and downloadable games and it comes with approximately $90’s (game, playset, Boba Fett) worth of goodies.

This news comes almost a month after the PS4 got its price slashed in Japan from 39,980 yen (331 USD) to 34,980 yen ($292). That’s right — it’s still a little cheaper to import a Japanese PS4. Isn’t life funny?