PS4 players can download the Modern Warfare Remastered campaign a month early


October 5

Although Microsoft had a lock on Call of Dutytimed DLC exclusivity in the past, Sony is going all-out this generation after snatching up their own deal.

In addition to the same 30 day timed scheme they had with Black Ops III, they’re also sponsoring the entire Call of Duty World League, packing in a free PlayStation VR game with Infinite Warfare‘s launch, and now, offering up the entirety of Modern Warfare Remastered‘s campaign a month in advance.

Starting October 5, folks who pre-order the game on PS4 will get the opportunity to play the campaign. There’s a list of provisos and exceptions you can check out, but this seems to be a wide promotion that you’re likely a part of. The gist is that if you did it digitally you’re good, but you’ll need to fully purchase it at a retailer to get the code.

For those who are curious and have never touched a Call of Dutycampaign before, Modern Warfare Remasteredhas one of the more compelling stories, with great performances, memorable setpieces, and some nice twists. It’s worth playing in some form or another.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign Early Access [Activision]