PS4 players can now go through SOMA in Safe Mode


Focus on the story, not the stealth

Last year, Frictional Games thoughtfully added a Safe Mode to its underwater sci-fi horror game SOMA on PC and Xbox One. The idea was to let players take in the story (which is the highlight of the whole experience, by far) without worrying about dying at the hands of pesky monsters.

“You don’t need stealth in order to complete the game,” the team said at the time. “Monsters might sound and act more threatening if they spot you, so there is still an incentive to being careful, but it’s no longer mandatory to keep hidden.” Achievements even work with Safe Mod enabled.

If you liked the sound of this stuff but you own SOMA on PlayStation 4, you’re in luck.

You are always safe!

SOMA has now been updated with Safe Mode on PS4. Get yours at the Playstation Store:

— Frictional Games (@frictionalgames) February 19, 2018

Now we can all feel (relatively) safe together.

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