PS4 worldwide shipments hit 113.8 million as PS5 launch beckons


The Choice of an Old Generation

Sony has released its latest quarterly financial report, which includes the final run of statistics for the industry giant ahead of the launch of PlayStation 5, which will be hitting the market in November.

PlayStation 4, which launched back in November 2013, has successfully shipped an incredible 113.8 million consoles over the course of its generational lifespan, with 1.5 million black boxes sold within the past three months. Year-on-year, PS4 hardware sales have dropped significantly, but this is an inevitability as the generation winds down in preparation for the PS5’s debut.

Software itself, however, is on the up-and-up. Some 80.9 million PS4 games were sold in the second quarter of 2020, which is an increase of over 10 million units when compared to the previous year. It is a snug theory that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is partly responsible for the boost in game sales on all platforms. Additionally, the PlayStation Plus service currently has 45.9 million subscribers, which is an increase of nine million users on the previous year.

Over the course of its continued lifespan, PlayStation 4 remains a solid-selling platform, with every year delivering a steady stream of excellent software enjoyed by players across the globe. While many video game fans are preparing to move into the next generation, PS4 consoles and games will continue to sell for the foreseeable future, further validating the PS4’s status as one of the most successful consoles in video game history.

PlayStation 5 launches worldwide November 12/19.