PSA: A Hat in Time's first major DLC is free right now for 24 hours


Also, co-op is live

A Hat in Time was released roughly a year ago, and now it has PS4 and Xbox One versions, as well as a future Switch port under its belt. This week it’s also getting a free co-op update and free/paid DLC. Let me explain that latter bit for a second!

Basically, Seal the Deal, the first major DLC, is free for 24 hours. The Steam version just popped right nowso the clock is ticking: just head over to the download page and grab it. After that period it’ll revert to its original $4.99 price point.

As a reminder you’ll need 35 Time Pieces and the final optional Time Stop Hat to access the new three-chapter hub Arctic Cruise, and 27 Time Pieces to play the challenge mode, Death Wish. You can find a full review of the DLC here.

A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal [Steam]