PSA: As soon as you can, go get a charm in Pokemon Legends


You can basically do it right away

Here’s a quick rundown on the Pokemon Legends: Arceus charm system. You’ll want to pick one up as soon as possible from town!

So as we’ve established, Jubilife Village has a heap of riches just waiting to be discovered, without excess tutorials to go over each and every facet. That’s good! But you’ll still want to prioritize some things earlier than others.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus charm map location for Lucille

Go for a charm early

As soon as you have $3,000 in in-game money, you’ll want to grab a charm from the old vendor (Lucille) in the far corner of the map. Again none of this is scripted or prompted, so you’ll just need to head to her directly. You can find her location circled in red on the map, she’s almost behind the main Corps building, in the northwest corner.

Once you’re there, you’ll initially be able to choose between three charms: Tempting Charm, Survival Charm, and Warding Charm.

  • Tempting Charm – if you faint (get knocked out directly by a Pokemon) it’ll vanish instead of another item in your satchel
  • Survival Charm – decreases your likelihood to faint (increases resistance to it)
  • Warding Charm – resistance against status effects (which can be applied to your player character, even things like sleep)

I suggest going for the survival Pokemon Legends charm early on. While you might want to grab the tempting charm later when the going gets tougher, you only really need a slight edge when it comes to preventing fainting, since the earlier set of enemies aren’t too bad to manually avoid and dodge.

It’ll look like this in your inventory:

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Survival charm

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