PSA: Ekoro DLC is free in Blaster Master Zero until June 14


A new character from Gal Gun

Your opportunity to pick up Gunvolt as a free character for Inti Create’sBlaster Master Zeromay have came and went, but Ekoro has jumped in as of today and will be available until June 14. As a reminder, you just need to manually head to the eShop, go to Blaster Master Zero, then locate the DLC.Both characters are also available as paid DLC for $1.99.

Ekoro and Gunvolt appeared together in Mighty Gunvolt with Beck, a small project that was bundled in as an incentive for the original Azure Striker Gunvoltbefore the Mighty No. 9franchise crashed and burned. Now, the humbleMightysubfranchise seems to have more love than Inafune’s multi-million Kickstarter jaunt.

Inti Creates (who was a co-developer on No. 9) was able to sidestep that disaster zone and keep creating great games while Comcept is stumbling along with ReCoreand the upcoming Red Ash.