PSA: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker login queues are in full force (Update)


Get the update, get in as soon as you can

[Update #2: Day three of early access, and my queue has gone up to 5,000 in the morning, US. After making it to around 4000, I was booted out by an error and put back in the queue at 5500. In a blog post, Square Enix explains why this is happening in terms of server limits, and decrees that it’s providing a week of game time to players who are impacted.]

[Update: Day two for early access Endwalker login queues has been around the same, if not a little more intense, in my personal experience. On a Saturday morning, US, the Omega server had a login queue of 2700. After getting down to 300, I was booted back to the main screen, though my queue position picked up at 300. Again, prepare accordingly if you’re playing this weekend! Go log in before you eat, or have something planned.]

So how are Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker login queues? Well, it depends on your server, but let’s just say you might want to get in whenever you can before it gets worse.

After trying to log into Omega just a little over the server maintenance was finished (very early in the US), I was greeted with a 2500 login queue. Folks over on the game’s reddit are experiencing similar Endwalker login queues times, with some over 2000, and a few claiming 4500. Some users are even getting 2002-errors during the queue sequence, then after being booted out, return to the end of the queue. Once I was in though, I was in. The game has been fairly smooth so far for me, with no errors or boots.

As far as queue progress goes, things are slow going. People need to error out or log out in order to get in, and everyone is mainlining the new expansion: so it’s not a typical MMO session. So far around five minutes of wait time equals roughly 100 people leaving the queue, for me. So plan accordingly!

Of course, it’s the first day of a big MMO in early access. This is how things go. But Square Enix did warn us that login queues might be lengthy, and this is by far the longest wait I’ve had to endure at an expansion launch. Good luck!