PSA: Fortnite is having a double XP weekend


Starts on April 19 and ends on April 22

As a way to say “sorry” for Fornite‘s server outages and a delay of the 50v50 mode, Epic Games is kicking off a double XP weekend. Unfortunately there was a database issue last week, and when the system went back online it buckled under the sheer weight of everyone trying to log back in.

The double XP festivities will start on April 19 and run until April 22, at which point you can…what else…nab double experience points in the battle Royale mode — you’ll also nab 20 Battle Pass Stars for your trouble.

It goes without saying but Forniteis the new in game right now, but I’ve been following it for a while and the whole meteoric rise phenomenon has been fascinating. It’s funny watching it rank below League of Legendsand Counterstrikeduring the day then dominate in the evenings when kids are home from school. Maybe I’ll see you this weekend!

V 3.5 Content Update [Fortnite]