PSA: Go to Pokemon Sword and Shield's Stow-on-Side marketplace every day, as early as possible


Replenishing stock

So there’s a few things I’ve been picking up on since really getting into the Pokemon Swordand Shieldendgame. 250-strong Pokedex? Ha! It’s 360 now: I basically just need cross-game exclusives, which I’ll get from my copy of Shieldsoon enough.

Here’s another endgame tip that’ll help you evolve a few more creatures.

Very early on in the game you’ll head to one of your first gym battles in “Stow-on-Side,” a desert mountain town just north of Route 6 (make sure you get your kicks). As soon as you enter there’s a Pokemon Center, then a tiny little marketplace/bazaar on your left.

That marketplace is actually pretty important, as it restocks fairly important items daily, like aProtector: the item required to evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior (which I just picked up yesterday!). The trader’s stock might change every day, but you can talk to him after you buy the daily item to see what the next item will be, so you can plan ahead.

It’s a small little thing, but an important one if you want to get those last few evolutions without hunting down or grinding out rare items. Get on it early (as soon as you get to Stow-on-Side) and keep flying back each day: don’t forget!

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