PSA: Grab some free packs in Magic: Arena now with the code 'PLAYKALDHEIM'


As part of the new rollout

The viking-themed Kaldheim set is out now in Magic: Arena, and people seem to be taking to it.

A few new archetypes have already sprung up to combat the popular Dimir Rogues theme, and I love seeing all new lovely card art. But before you dive in, you probably want to grab some free packs. Just like in the past, you can enter a code in the storefront to get free stuff. Right at the top, enter the code “PLAYKALDHEIM” without the quotesand you’re good to go with three packs.

So how is Kaldheim going in general? Goldspan Dragon is a really fun and interactive card that I’m seeing a lot more of now, as well as new hotness like Magda, Brazen Outlaw.As usual, new cards from previous packs are also now seeing more life in the competitive circuit.

As a reminder, you can check what sets are in standard here: it’s quite a bit until later this year!Next up is Strixhaven: School of Mages in the spring, followed by the D&D set in July, then Innistrad (which is two sets) in September and November respectively.