PSA: Ike and other rare amiibo are back at GameStop


It’s a Black Friday miracle!

GameStop has made good on its advertised Black Friday amiibo restock. Not only are stores packed with the promised Ike amiibo, but you can also find the other restocked figures through its website.

As of writing, the reissuedGreninja, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Fox, Lucario, and Ike are available for purchase, along with the brand-new Mewtwo. Shulk is not listed as ‘in stock,’ and Ike is supposedly an ‘online only’ product, but I was able to add the latter to my cart from the search page. Plus, all of these figures — including Shulk — were plentiful in my local store. Give your local GameStop a call and test the waters.

Also, if you’re hooked on amiibo but missedWave 6, GameStop has some of those figures as well. Bowser Jr. and Dr. Mario are only available elsewhere, and you might have to cross your fingers and hope a local store is carrying the Retro 3-Pack, but Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, and Olimar can be purchased direct from GameStop.

This is normally the part of the amiibo-related news story where we impart wishes of luck, but I think we’re almost past that. Some day soon, you may even be able to buy a Wii Fit Trainer for retail price!

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