PSA: Mewtwo and Animal Crossing amiibo go on sale on Amazon in 15 minutes


Mewtwo, Mabel, Tom Nook, and a 3-pack

Friends, Romans, amiibo-hunters: lend me your ears. The day is upon us for another amiibo release. It’s a little bit of Smash Bros. and a lot of Animal Crossing. Mostly cute (like last time) with just a dash of badass. Mewtwo’s kind of cute too, I guess. But mostly badass.

These figures have been on store shelves all day, but there’s no need to deal with people when you can just deal with the non-judgmental glow of your monitor. Through some sort of Internet magic, amiibo are available online too. And, those new ones are going up on Amazon very soon.

In just 15 minutes, Amazon’s putting up its new amiibo stock one-by-one. Here’s how it works: At 2pm Pacific, Mewtwo goes on sale. At 3pm Pacific, Animal Crossingtakes over andMabel‘s first to bat. 4pm Pacific is the greedy Tom Nook. The day rounds out at 5pm Pacific with a three-pack containing Cyrus, K.K., and Reese.

Amazon hasn’t said how much stock it has of each amiibo. The recent trend has been that if you show up on time, you’ll probably get one with no trouble. If you saunter in four hours later, you might not be as lucky. But, Nintendo’s upped its game manufacturing these, so maybe four hours later will be just fine.

The same rules are in effect as always. Well, mostly, that is. There’s a limit of one of each figure per customer. One-click ordering is turned-onthis time. Make sure your address and credit card information is sorted ahead of time. Adding an amiibo to your cart doesn’t reserve it; you have to checkout to complete the order.

That’s all there is to it. We’ll be hanging around and updating the post when new amiibo go live. You have 15 minutes until Mewtwo. He’s Pyschic so he already knows if he’s going to end up at your house.

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