PSA: Orioto still makes gaming art and it still rules


And they have a Patreon

There was a period in time where nearly all of my friends hadDigital Blasphemy wallpapers: that’s how impactful that site was (I still have most of mine!). Good art is endlessly proliferated across the internet, and in late 2008 I was introduced to this piece, which made me a lifelong Orioto fan.

Throughout the years Orioto has produced countless masterpieces, like this stunning Final Fantasy VIII duel or this beautiful take on Undertale. I’ve randomly been to people’s houses and saw Orioto’s work on their wall.

Every so often I’ll check in with them, and as it turns out, Orioto is still making some amazing art. They have a Patreon now and sell prints directly, as well as dole out HD versions of their pieces as wallpapers. If you haven’t checked them out yet I urge you to peruse their landing page. Odds are you’ll find something you dig, as Orioto not only tackles AAA games, but more obscure works like Edith Finchand Gris.

Orioto [Patreon]