PSA: Sekiro has a new type of 'Illusory wall,' here's a few of them to get you started


Hug ’em

The Souls series is famous for providing myriad “invisible walls” to hack, to the point where players eventually just started hitting every wall in the game in the hopes of finding an abandoned treasure hoard.

Sekirokind of brings that mechanic back, but with a twist. Here’s a few locations to try out the new concept with.

Mild location spoilers below.

PSA: Sekiro has a new type of 'Illusory wall'

Hirata Audience Chamber

This is the first hidden wall you’ll encounter and one of the easiest to spot. After making your way all the way through the Hirata Estate zone you’ll get to one of the last idols, the Hirata Audience Chamber. From the idol turn around and act like you’re going back out into the huge open outdoor area.

Just before that clearing take a right and go to the end of the hallway. Hang left near the two torch enemies. See that white banner on the wall? Hug it and enter it for a prayer bead.

PSA: Sekiro has a new type of 'Illusory wall'

Ashina Castle – Upper Tower – Antechamber

This one is later in the game after you’ve reached the castle. From the Antechamber area go into the next room (try hanging a right then backstabbing the enemy) until you reach a large open area with a pit below. Turn right and go into the other large room, then turn left.

Find a banner hanging on the wall near the armor: that’s also a false wall you can hug.