PSA: The NES Classic returns to store shelves today


All 10 of them

Widely reported last month, the long sought after NES Classic Edition will be returning to store shelves today. While I wasn’t aware of any pre-orders for the restock, you may need to make a trek out to the stores early in the morning to secure yourself a unit. While the usual suspects will have some available (GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart), many people seem to forget that Target actually carries video games and accessories. Smaller chains in certain regions (Fry’s, Sam’s Club) may even be a good option. Amazon may also be a good place to start.

I’ll be heading out to my local store as early as possible. I’m telling you guys this now so you can plan accordingly to get one. This will also let your friends be on the lookout for any spare units that stores might have. Good luck, everyone, and stay safe. Getting an NES Classic isn’t worth losing your life over.