PSA: Yarn Yoshi amiibo go on sale on Amazon in 15 minutes


Two amiibo across two hours

[Update: Blue Yoshi justwent on sale.]

Friends, the day has finally arrived when the cutest amiibo go on sale. The Yoshi’s Woolly WorldYarn Yoshis are now available to buy and snuggle. If E3 taught us anything, it’s that yarn can be amazingly adorable.

For those who don’t want to venture out into stores, Amazon’s putting its stock of Yarn Yoshis up in just a few minutes. At 1pm PST, Pink Yoshi will be for sale; at 2pm PST, Blue Yoshi rounds out the easy, low-stress day. Amazon says that it has “a decent amount more pink than blue,” so blue-chasers will want to be on their game.

Pro-tip: You might want to camp these pages instead of the official product pages (Pink, Blue). In the past, these have actually updated faster to reflect Amazon as the seller. People who were looking here had a slight leg-up over the competition.

If something seems amiss, that’s because it is. You can’t buy regular classic Green Yoshi a la carte. He only comes in theYoshi’s Woolly Worldbundle. There’s a chance that he’ll be released individually somewhere down the line, but not yet. It’s only variants today.

The same rules are in effect as always:There’s a limit of one of each figure per customer. One-click ordering is turned-off. Make sure your address and credit card information is sorted ahead of time. Adding an amiibo to your cart doesn’t reserve it; you have to checkout to complete the order.

Now that we have an understanding about how this all works, prepare to hang out by your computer. This first one goes on sale in 15 minutes, and all those hard plastic amiibo you’ve been buying aren’t the best cuddlers.

Pink Yarn Yoshi, Blue Yarn Yoshi [Amazon]