Psychonauts 2 gets some helpful features in Quality of Life patch


Collect-a-thoning your way through Psychonauts 2 just got a little easier

Psychonauts 2 has plenty of collectibles to collect, but it can get tricky finding them all and tracking your progress. Today, Double Fine announced the Quality of Life update for Psychonauts 2, which should hopefully make things a bit easier.

At the outset of the video, Double Fine head Tim Schafer warns that the video for the Quality of Life update does contain some Psychonauts 2 spoilers. So basically, if you don’t want to ruin any surprise twists or turns yet, just rest assured knowing that booting up the Psychonauts 2 with the Quality of Life update will make collecting a bit easier. If you’re cool with spoilers though, read on past the video.

A new filter for Raz’s camera will let him spot valuables in the area, both in the real world and inside a brain. This upgrade can be bought after you’ve beaten the main story of the game, or will be available once you launch if you’ve already beaten the main story.

The “OttoSpot” camera only helps you spot figments and other collectibles in a general area, though. Another new addition will let you know whether you’ve collected everything in a space or not. Once all the collectibles have been found, a little note and checkmark will show up on the area in your menu.

Also, after finishing Gisu’s quest, you’ll be able to get a bonus Psychoseismometer. This way, you can engage in combat over and over, and even take on special combat challenges.

The Psychonauts 2 Quality of Life patch should be live now on all platforms, and already some users are reporting how it’s made their quest for 100% a little easier. It seems like a pretty good update for what’s already a pretty rad game, and it’s also an optional tool. So those who want to hunt collectibles the ol’ fashioned way will still get their wish. Good luck on finishing out those achievements!