Psyduck is rocking shades and a gold chain


No Fs given

Psyduck has finally kicked that terrible headache and found some much-needed R&R. They say Psyduck evolves into Golduck, but not this one. This dude can chillax so hard that he pretty much leveled up into a Snorlax.

The Pokemon Company has givenPsyduck his own music video and, frankly, it rules. He has no interest in battling other pocket creatures or being crammed into a ball. You can catch him poolside chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool. This is the life Psyduck deserves. This is the life all of us deserve.

My favorite part? Psyduck looks like he’s auditioning for a spot in NWA. Shades and a gold chain is an absolutely iconic look, and it takes an icon like Psyduck to pull it off.

Pokemon Co. Releases a Music Video for Psyduck [Go Nintendo]