Psyvariar Delta takes off on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in July


Digital and physical editions available

More shmup news? More shmup news. As if genre fans weren’t already inundated with exciting tips on the return of new and old franchises, Publisher Dispatch Games has announced that Psyvariar Delta will be headed west on PS4 and Switch come July.

The interstellar shooter launched in Japan in August of last year, but was unfortunately delayed from its original localisation date. Psyvariar Delta eventually hit Steam back in January, courtesy of developer City Connection, and it seems that console owners will not have to wait much longer to get in on the action.

Psyvariar Delta is the latest upgrade to the original 2000 arcade release. Delta includes soundtrack remixes, a new XP system and tracked online stats alongside new Practice and Score Attack modes, among other cool new features. Available on each platform’s respective digital stores, a physical edition is available to pre-order over at the Dispatch Games Store.

Psyvariar Delta launches July 2 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.