PUBG adds wizards and paladins for a week


It’s just a Frodotype

PUBGis the original realistic military battle royale. While each of the major battle royale games take a slightly different approach, PUBGis the one that can most claim it’s rooted in realism and survival. No abilities, no crafting, no respawns — just straight kill or be killed.

However, PUBG‘s April Fool’s Day limited-time mode is more Skyrimthan Battlefield, more Dungeons & Dragonsthan Call of Duty. PUBGis launching a joke mode called “Fantasy Battle Royale” that might prove to be rather popular during its seven-day runtime.

Fantasy Battle Royale has players pick one of four classic fantasy roles to play as. They are: Barbarian (melee-only, high health, and consecutive successful attacks increase his movement speed which turns him into a whirling dervish that stabs and slices), Ranger (long-ranged sniper, high damage, low health, and is stealth-oriented as her movement makes no sound), Wizard (highest damage output through casting spells like raining down meteor showers, but has the lowest health of any class), and Paladin (healers who aid their party by hitting them or throwing area-of-effect health bombs, but they can also hurt and slow down enemies by striking them).

Unlike normal PUBG, Fantasy Battle Royale shies away from looting. There are no guns, equipment, or first aid items lying around. Instead, there are materials scattered about that can be used to craft — essentially upgrading the weapon, necklace, and ring that every player starts out with. However, the blue circle shrinks faster and chips harder in Fantasy Battle Royale. It seems like it’s meant to discourage dawdling about, instead emphasizing just getting right into the fray.

Other things to note: Games take place on Erangel which has been redubbed “Dragon’s Isle;” there’s only the option to play in four-player squads and third-person perspective; only two vehicles are available, the Noble Steed (motorcycle) and the Dragon Wagon (UAZ); care packages contain the Zircon gem which is used to craft level 5 gear; touching a care package grants an invincibility buff for 30 seconds; and “Winner Winner Chick Dinner” is now “Ye Olde Chicken Dinner.”

Fantasy Battle Royale starts tonight when the clock strikes midnight (Pacific time) on April 1.

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