PUBG's excellent first-person mode is now available for full squads


A view to die for

Never has a video game made me so aware of my own shoulders as when I play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundsin first-person. The term “game-changer” gets thrown around a lot in mostly meaningless contexts, but first-person in PUBGis an actual game-changer. Leaving you unable to manipulate the third-person camera alters the entire flow of everything. It’s much more unnerving this way.

Up until now, first-person mode has been restricted solely to solo and duo playlists. Now it’s available for full squads too. Sure, it’s just inclusion across all play types, but it’s nice for the people who like to roll four-deep. Nice until their jumpy trigger finger leads to a horrific friendly fire incident, that is.

This is exciting news for your resident D-Team because it means we can finally give this a go. We’ve done some duos test runs and everyone really likes it. The first-person perspective should make for some fascinating views as we attempt to ramp Jeeps off of airplane wings. But, it won’t make a damn difference when we’re all dying to people shooting us from behind.

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