PUBG's Savage map gets an official name ahead of this weekend's test run



It took a bilingual portmanteau of sorts, but PUBG‘s third and smallest map has a real name. The 4×4 kilometer map that was formerly called “Savage” has been officially named “Sanhok.” (It’s pronounced “Sah-knock,” I think.)

The reasoning behind this name is a bit convoluted. PUBG Corp. took the Thai word for fun (pronounced sah-nook) and the Tagalog word for chicken (pronounced mah-nok), and mashed them together into this newly-invented word. It’s Gamer for “The Killing Island.”

You too can visit The Killing Island soon. PUBGis going to hold its third test event on the 4×4 map this weekend. The times run from Thursday May 10 at 7pm Pacific through Monday May 14 at 4am Pacific. No external hijinks are necessary for this one, either. Anyone who owns PUBGhas access if they download the Experimental Server through Steam.