Punchout sans Mike Tyson is coming to Switch Online's NES suite


Mr. Dream? More like Mr. Lame: ooooOOOooooo

Punch Out!! is just one of those series that I’ll never stop playing and I’ll never forget. The SNES entry in particular is still mind-blowingly good, filled to the brim with unique characters throughout the entire runtime. It’s one of my most-played games ever alongside of the NES original.

It’s a good thing then that Nintendo is bringing Punch Out!!to the Switch Online NES app, where it’ll be joined by two other games: Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levelsand Star Soldier. While the former needs no introduction, the latter is actually a really old shoot ’em up from Hudson Soft that went on to see new life on mobile platforms, as well as the Game Boy Advance.

In other words, it’s going to be a good week when these are added on April 10. Something extra of note: the west is actually getting three games this month as opposed to the recent cadence of two (Japan typically gets the third, but not this time!).