Puyo Puyo is invading Phantasy Star Online 2 and it gives me life


Yes, the western version

Finally! The time has come where we don’t miss out on those awesome Phantasy Star Online 2collaborations. After posting them for many, many years and feeling an intense sense of FOMO, the collabs are coming westward thanks to the impending release of the Xbox One edition.

Sega really wants folks to use the group chat functionality in the current PSO 2Xbox One open beta, so to spur that use the publisher is allowing players to earn a unique Mag Evolution device (Mags are like little stat-increasing pets in the world of PSO) that triggers a Puyo Puyotransformation: brilliant.

This one is actually pretty easy to snag as all you need to do is “use group chat [friend list chatting] to communicate with other arks,” and will run from today through April 14. Rewards will be doled out “after the scheduled maintenance on April 28,” as is customary for the beta rewards so far. You’ll find it at your Visiphone under “campaign items.”

To be clear, there’s only one device reward and it is always green: no need to track down anything else, completionists!

Campaign: Use Group Chat! [PSO 2]