Quantic Dream is suing French media over negative reports of the studio


Fahrenheit rising

A few months back, reports started coming out that developer Quantic Dream, known for titles Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, had allegedly been running a fairly toxic workplace. There were claims from former employees of sexist and racist jokes being thrown around the studio as well as a pretty disgusting report about employees’ heads being photoshopped onto naked bodies. It made the studio seem like a real hellscape and founder David Cage’s response didn’t really help matters. His “judge me by my work” retort made no sense in the context of the reports and mostly seemed to ignore the allegations against his studio.

It seems Quantic Dream wasn’t just sitting idly by while these claims started circulating through various channels. According to a report on Kotaku, the company is now suing two French media outlets — website Mediapart and newspaper Le Monde — over their reports on the allegations. Kotaku writer Cecilia D’Anastasio discovered this information during an interview with Cage, where the founder bluntly stated, “we’re suing their journalists.”

Canard PC, one of the other outlets that broke news about Quantic Dream, is not being sued. While the outlet received threatening letters before and after their story went live, nothing yet has come from those messages. Publishing director for the site, Ivan Gaudé, told Kotaku the two sites being sued will now have to prove to the judge that their outlets used appropriate caution when reporting the story and had reached out to all parties involved in an attempt to offer their perspectives.

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