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Four Angry Men

[Extremely sick guitar riff] The boys are back in town town, the boys are back in town! [Three minutes later, whispering] The boys are back! The boys are back!

For the first time in weeks, the Podtoid Boyz are all where we’re supposed to be. Two bachelor parties and a trip to Mexico had us displaced for a while. Don’t worry, we’re all done having fun and we’re ready to make some internet radio.

We picked a good time to come back because some dang video games finally released. Sonic Mania and Tacomaare a couple of the ones that we’ve got in store. You best believe we’re gonna talk D-Team PUBGtoo. Like the time I became a pack mule.

You can be Podtoid’s pack mule. You’re carrying questions in your sexy brain and we want you to unload them all over the comments section. Whatcha wanna know? We’ll answer them on the show. Hate Disqus? Email at podtoid[at]destructoid[dot]com.