Rabbids steal item combining glasses in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle opening cutscene


What would you combine?

Well you’ve seen hours of gameplay by now, but what about the story premise? The opening cutscene shows a young tech-capable inventor working on what looks like augmented reality glasses that can combine any two items to make a new one. As she leaves the room and her glasses unintended, the Rabbids teleport into her game-themed room with a washing machine.

They proceed to do crazy Rabbid things, including combining each other with the girl’s Mario merchandise using the glasses. They teleport once again, this time causing a rift to open even in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario and Luigi get sucked in.

Every time I look at the game I’m blown away by the visual quality and the crossover between the Rabbids and Mario is a great one. I’m confident it’ll be a wonderful game, but as someone who isn’t into strategy games like the RTS genre orX-COMI’m not as excited as others. This may be one where I’ll get more enjoyable watching someone more enthusiastic about the genre than I.