Race the Sun is getting PlayStation VR support and other goodies


Well that’s just swell

Existing games adding support for PlayStation VR is a nice way to pad out the device’s library and save us some money in cases where we already own the title in question. The endless flyer Race the Sun is the latest to embrace that concept with an update scheduled for Tuesday, April 18.

The newfound VR support will function across all modes, including a laid-back new one called Sunrise that just… keeps… going without high scores or an ever-rising difficulty to worry about. On that note, even if you prefer playing on a television instead of in a headset, you’ll still have a new first-person option. All players are also getting five fresh destinations accessible through portals.

My PSVR usage as of late has just been coaching my brother through a first playthrough of Resident Evil 7 (even after beating the game several times now myself, it’s still a treat to watch someone else experience it) and a couple levels of I Expect You to Die. I’ll happily give this update a look.

Race The Sun Update Adds PS VR Support, Sunrise Mode & More April 18th [PlayStation Blog]