Rachel returns to Dead or Alive 6 roster as next DLC character


Ninja Gaiden star not-so-surprise guest

Koei Tecmo has announced the next DLC character for the latest entry in fighting franchise Dead or Alive 6, and its fiend-hunter Rachel, star of the popular Ninja Gaiden series. No release date was revealed, but the leather-bound ass-kicker is expected to arrive before the year is out.

Rachel’s return represents the latest in a series of characters – many of whom were base roster members or paid DLC in Dead or Alive 5’s revisions – making their return as DLC in Dead or Alive 6. Other characters guilty of this include Nyotengu (was paid DLC in DoA 5, now a pre-order bonus in DoA 6), and KoF‘s Mai Shiranui, (was paid DLC in DoA 5, and is now paid DLC again in DoA 6).

Dead or Alive 6, a game mostly unchanged from its 2012 predecessor, continues to set a new standard of repetition with its character and costume DLC. That’s without making mention of a third $80 season pass, announced within just 10 months of the game’s initial launch. DoA gonna DoA, I guess.

This week sees the release of a new skin set, featuring gym workout gear for the entire female roster, (barring the KoF characters). Available from November 26, these costumes are produced as part of a collaboration with the succinctly-titled anime How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

A small selection of free costumes will also be made available tomorrow, celebrating two million downloads of Core Fighters, DoA6‘s free-to-play variant.Dead or Alive 6 is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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