Radio Destructoid records tonight! Ask us questions…


…and win a free game!

Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join hosts Mr Andy Dixon (Community Manager), Bill Platt (Legendary Dtoider), Conor Elsea (Community Monster), Kyle MacGregor (Associate Editor), and Occams Electric Toothbrush (Cblogs Manager) as we talk about our favorite Dtoid community highlights!

It’s time for another episode of Radio Destructoid! On this week’s show, we’re joined by special community guest Nanashi! Nanners co-hosts PSToid, regularly participates in Friday Night Fights, and still has time to raise raccoons to sell to old people, whom he tells they are kittens.

Want to ask us a question? Hit us up in the comments below! Our favorite question will win a copy of the ultra-awesome Super Galaxy Squadron on Steam, so make ’em count!

You have until 9pm Pacific tonight to submit your questions. Have fun!