Rafael Nadal takes on Mario in great Mario Tennis Aces advert


Nadal better than everyone, basically

We all know in the world of Mario Tennis that real-life physics take a backstep to ridiculous super shots and gravity-defying leaps, but how well would they hold up to the play of a real pro?

Well, you can find out in Nintendo’s fun new commercial for Mario Tennis Aces, which sees the plumber turned sportsman step up against one of the greatest professional tennis players of all time, Spain’s record-breaking, multi-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal.

Mario showcases some of the abilities that make him such a great all-rounder on the court, but is up for a real fight against the King of Clay, who seems to return a volley of insane shots with relative ease. When the dust settles and the winner is declared Nadal, not content with already being the best in world, decides to start wrecking everyone on Switch as well.

It’s a cute couple of minutes and does a great job at promoting Aces‘ colourful, over-the-top action. Be sure to listen out for the great audio cue from Mario’s marker when he signs the lens!

Mario Tennis Aces launches June 22 on Nintendo Switch