Raid: World War II looks a lot like Inglorious Basterds


Steal Hitler’s gold!

We all seemingly missed the announcement last year, but Raid: World War II is a co-op focused shooter that looks an awful lot like Payday 2 mixed with Inglorious Basterds. The game tasks you with infiltrating various compounds across Europe and stealing priceless artifacts and treasures from under the Nazi’s noses. I’m sure there is a WWII themed movie about this, but I instantly think of Three Kings with George Clooney, Ice Cube and Mark Wahlberg.

Raid is being developed by Lion Game Lion, a Croation studio that has previously worked on Payday 2 DLC, so the comparison is pretty spot on. While I can’t find any official gameplay trailers, publisher Starbreeze Studios has actually shown off the game a bit in some of its livestreams. In the mean time, you can feast your eyes on this cinematic trailer, which looks neat enough.

The game will be launching next month, on September 26, for PC with a PS4 and Xbox One port following on October 13. Hopefully this doesn’t spark a trend of WWII shooters becoming the dominant style again, lest me have a repeat of the early ’00s.

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