Raiden V: Director's Cut launches on Switch July 25 with a one-time-only physical run


Not to be confused with the Mortal Kombat guy

UFO Interactive has announced that the Switch edition of shmup remaster Raiden V: Director’s Cut, will be arriving digitally and physically on July 25.

Raiden V: Director’s Cut is a port of the 2016 Xbox One release and the fifth entry to the now legendary Raiden series. Players can choose one of three vessels before blasting off into battle, or work their way through a fully-voiced story mode, a series first, which is complete with branching paths. Several extra stages, new to this Director’s Cut, will test the mettle of even the best pilots.

Those of you with an eye out for the physical release will be pleased to hear it comes with a couple of cool extras, namely a mini art book and a soundtrack sampler CD. But this edition will be receiving a one-time only pressing, so be sure to jump on it come release day.

Raiden V: Director’s Cut launches on Nintendo Switch July 25.