Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly Quarantine, is out in September with cross-play


Rainbow Six Extraction is also coming to like…everything ever

Today during their “Ubisoft Forward” E3 stream, we got a taste of what’s to come for Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly known as Quarantine.

Based on the trailer Rainbow Six Extraction is going full Left 4 Dead creatures, with enemies (known as “Archaeans”) that have the classic exploding backs, as well as alpha-style elites that are a tad more formidable. There’s a focus on stealth, as you take out Archaeans and destroy nests. In other words, it’s extremely similar to classic Rainbow Six “breach and clear” tactical combat.

Rainbow Six Extraction also has a progress-loss mechanic, which Ubisoft is calling “risk reward,” on top of three player co-op. As our own Eric Van Allen pointed out this looks very similar both in terms of mechanics and aesthetics to some existing games, most notably GTFO. I think some of us were expecting a little more “zazz,” especially from the conference that is essentially kicking off E3. Still, I’m ready to give it a shot.

It’s out on September 14 on PC, Stadia, Luna, Ubisoft+, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. Cross-Play is confirmed as are Siege unlocks. September is soon enough and you know, it being out on everything is nice; and the support for Luna and Stadia is not surprising given Ubisoft’s recent track record. We can expect a decent number of AAA releases from the publisher to focus on cloud gaming going forward.

Here’s the basic trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction:

And here’s the deep dive: