Rainbow Six Quarantine is expected to launch in spring 2020


Caveira or we riot

It came as something of a surprise at this year’s E3 when Ubisoft revealed its upcoming title Rainbow Six Quarantine, a game which will seemingly take the wall-blowing, team-killing counter-terrorists maniacs of Rainbow Six Siege and transport them into a monster-bashing PvE experience.

Very little is known about this venture. We haven’t seen any gameplay footage, nor have we heard much about its concept through spoken word. But according to a Ubisoft financial call held earlier today, we do at least know that the publisher is hoping to get the squad out fighting mutants by the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, so before April 2020, essentially.

Little more was said about Quarantine itself, although Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot noted that the mysterious spin-off would feature the “proven gameplay of the critically acclaimed Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak,” the 2018 event which saw our heroes fight a strange alien menace out in New Mexico.

The idea of Rainbow vs. Monsters is not a new one. As explained to me by Siege director Leroy Athanassoff last year, one of the earliest concepts in Siege was a mission set to take place in Area 51. This led to Outbreak, which has led to Quarantine. So it seems Ash, Lord Tachanka, Alibi and the rest of the door-kickers have been destined to battle the unknown for years. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to seeing more from this project.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is currently in development at Ubisoft for a 2020 release.

Rainbow Six Quarantine to launch in Ubisoft’s fourth quarter [DualShockers]