Randy Pitchford: 'We were talking to Nintendo [about Borderlands 3 on Switch], but that stopped'



Third-party AAA rakes in a lot of cash for the likes of Valve, Sony, and Microsoft, but once again it appears as if Nintendo will be missing out on a few big publisher’s shared wealth.

In addition to EA having a “wait and see” approach, and Ubisoft’s “one foot in one foot out” tri-port strategy, Gearbox is just straight up not going to have one of its biggest games on the Switch at this time. Speaking on Twitter, CEO Randy Pitchford noted, when asked about a Switch port, “I do not see that as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities.”

We don’t know what that means exactly, or if that will change at some point given that we don’t even have a release date for Borderlands 3, but that’s not great to hear. Say what you will about Gearbox and Pitchford, but Borderlands 3is likely going to sell, and it would be great to have parity between all three systems.

Randy Pitchford [Twitter]