Rare's next game a 'career highlight' for Phil Harrison


Former Xbox executive calls the studio a crown jewel of game development

Another positive quote about Rare’s unannounced game to add to the pile. Don’t look so worried, Banjo!

Phil Harrison, the former corporate vice president of Xbox in Europe, recently departed from Microsoft to build a high-tech start-up company. He had been working with UK-based studios like Lionhead and Rare and, unsurprisingly, had good things to say about their upcoming titles in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz.

“So I have a huge amount of respect and excitement for what Lionhead and Rare are doing next,” he said. “And obviously Lionhead’s new project [Fable Legends] is well understood and well known. What Rare is doing next is still under wraps, but it’s pretty exciting stuff, certainly something that would be a career highlight for me to have had a small hand on the tiller, so to speak, during the creation of what Rare is doing next.”

Previously, former Rare developer Gavin Price, who is now heading up Playtonic and the Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Project Ukulele, said the mystery project is something “people will be really happy to see.”

I’d like to see this thing. Would you like to see this thing?

Phil Harrison’s new company: Alloy Platform Industries [GamesIndustry.biz via Video Gamer]