Rawmen, where naked men throw soup at one another a la Splatoon, is 'a Wes type of game'


What can I say?

Torch sent this to me. He said, “Feel like this is a Wes Tacos game.”

He knows me better than I know myself. I’m putting this on my mom’s fridge.

All’s I know is this is a game where naked men run around like in Splatoon and throw soup at one another. They can sprint and jump and everything, but they’re also naked. And throw soup. And also I don’t care about much else, because so far everything I wrote describes every single thing I want in a video game.

Think about it. You can spend 100 hours as an assassin or mercenary or freedom fighter army man or whatever, and that’s cool. No judgment here. OR.


You can spend 100 hours as a naked man throwing soup at other naked men until eventually you’re covered in so much soup that you’ll have to succumb to the sheer amount of hot, viscous liquid that blankets every part of your person, leaving you hot, sticky, and spent from the vast amount of potent potables that coat your mentionables and unmentionables like so many dirty undergarments.

…is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Check this game out, y’all. It’s in Early Access now. If you don’t we can’t be friends anymore.

Rawmenis aSplatoon-like PC multiplayer shooter where naked men fight each other with soup. [Kotaku] Thanks Torch!